Bauer Alumni Launch Social Media Presence

Published on May 27, 2011

Bauer College Alumni Association Use Facebook and Twitter as Communication Tools

Bauer alumni can now connect more easily than ever before, via the Bauer College Alumni Association’s new Facebook and Twitter pages.

Alumni from the University of Houston C. T. Bauer College of Business now have several new ways to communicate, as the Bauer College Alumni Association is looking to popular social media outlets to connect.

BCAA launched pages on Facebook and Twitter recently, establishing a place for the college’s alumni to keep up with all of the group’s events and to share updates on their careers and lives since graduation.

“Our main goal is to get students involved with the college and university even after graduation – making that sense of belonging/connection linger and create an alumni experience as good or better than what they had while in school,” said Ady Fisberg (BBA ’08), marketing committee chair for BCAA.

And with the vast majority of students and alumni already connected to Facebook and Twitter, BCAA’s social media presence will ensure that alumni can stay connected and easily access information that they need.

“We are upgrading the alumni experience to the 21st century,” said Ariana Cavazos (BBA ’09), chair of the recruiting committee.  “Social media is a tool that is so unique in that each alumnus can utilize it for whatever they need it for, whether that be for networking, reconnecting to the college, or learning about the business community.

Connect with Bauer College Alumni Association on Facebook and Twitter.

By Ryan Tang

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  1. Graduate London

    The Facebook/Twitter is a good form of communication with students or graduates. None had the volume of activity, the amount of “fans” or types of interaction that I saw on Facebook Pages. It really helps me communicate with people that I don’t see often and that I don’t see anymore since college is out. One of the biggest attractors to Facebook is its clean interface. And also benefit of using Twitter is the knowledge you can gain by following the right people. By mining the right conversations and listening to influential people you can aggregate valuable information and pass it on to your followers. By sharing this information you are providing valuable content to your follower, which encourages them to stick around and listen to what you have to say. Thanks for sharing this post….

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