Bauer Researchers Honored for Sales Force Productivity Insights

Published May 14, 2019

Bauer College researchers are known for leadership in the field of selling and sales management. Professor Michael Ahearne and two doctoral alumni were honored this spring for research that answers important questions about sales force productivity.


Bauer Researchers Explore Crowdfunding Capital Implications

Published May 14, 2019

Bauer College finance professors Praveen Kumar and Nisan Langberg are among the first in their field to conduct research designed to answer fundamental questions about the implications of using crowd-based capital for entrepreneurial startups.

Rex Du

Bauer Research Reveals New Insights About Advertising Effectiveness

Published April 29, 2019

Rex Du, Professor of Marketing at Bauer College, uses cutting edge technology and massive data sets to close the uncertainty gap when it comes to how advertising dollars work. Two of his recent studies reveal new insights about advertising effectiveness.

Seshadri Tirunillai

Bauer Research Honored For Long-Term Contribution To Marketing Theory

Published April 29, 2019

Bauer Assistant Professor of Marketing Seshadri Tirunillai and his co-author Gerard Tellis of the University of Southern California were recently recognized for research that has made the most significant long-term contribution to marketing theory, methodology and practice.