Mitigating Unexpected Financial Constraints

Published April 20, 2021

A new study from the C. T. Bauer College of Business examines how some companies use aggressive tax planning to mitigate the impact of unexpected financial constraints.

Bauer Announces Strategic Plan Year One Report

Published March 31, 2021

Bauer College launched the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan one year ago, following a comprehensive collaboration with all key stakeholders that identified strategic initiatives to elevate the College educational experience and support its vision.

Bauer College Adds Jamey Rootes to Management & Leadership Faculty

Published March 25, 2021

After overseeing the business and administrative side of an organization that became one of the most successful in professional sports, Jamey Rootes began teaching an undergraduate class in Sports Leadership for the Department of Management & Leadership at Bauer College.

Reducing Healthcare Costs

Published March 16, 2021

A new study from Bauer College confirms that the adoption of electronic health record (EHR) systems by hospitals may be contribute to inflated Medicare reimbursements that are ultimately paid by U.S. taxpayers.

Speaking Up Leads to Positive Outcomes

Published March 12, 2021

Two University of Houston researchers define and detail aggressive listening techniques for organizations, in a 2020 article published in the Rutgers Business Review. The pair say the practice is critical to preventing organizational disasters and then offer a roadmap for doing so.

Rex Du

Fueling Growth

Published March 10, 2021

Bauer Marketing Professor Rex Du and co-authors detail some of the challenges that limit the optimal use of marketing data, while suggesting a framework for organizations to better utilize it, in “Capturing Marketing Information to Fuel Growth” (Du, Netzer, Schweidel, and Mitra).