Harvey Boot Camp Extends Vital Recovery Info

Published November 13, 2017

As everyday Houstonians launched countless boat rescues and created impromptu emergency shelters when presented with overwhelming needs in the wake of flooding, Bauer’s Financial Literacy program saw the need to provide a lifeline to anyone struggling after Hurricane Harvey.

Females More Successful With Instant Messaging

Published November 13, 2017

Research has shown that females tend to fare worse when engaging in economic negotiations with males. A major theory suggests that this disadvantage comes from individuals conforming to their gender roles, which are based on social and cultural practices.

Houston Economy Waiting For Return of Oil Jobs

Published November 8, 2017

Noted economist Robert W. “Bill” Gilmer shared his insight on the Houston economy post-Harvey this week during the C. T. Bauer College of Business Institute for Regional Forecasting Fall Symposium.

Astros GM Talks World Series Strategy with Bauer Alumni

Published November 6, 2017

In what now seems like a prophetic speech, Houston Astros General Manager Jeff Luhnow shared with Bauer College alumni in April 2013 how business principles and sports success go hand-in-hand.

Adorable Images Encourage Pro-Social Behavior

Published October 30, 2017

It¹s clear cute images popularized in online videos and elsewhere have wide appeal, but can organizations systematically capitalize on cuteness when nudging consumers to engage in a desired behavior?

Offer Incentive Choice to Boost Sales

Published October 30, 2017

Raghuram Bommaraju, a doctoral candidate in the marketing and entrepreneurship department, found that Fortune 500 companies that let their salespeople choose their own incentives from a small selection of options posted substantially better sales compared to those that use traditiona