Shah Goes from PES to MBA

Published December 15, 2007

Even as an undergraduate, Sachin Shah (MBA ’07), was something of an over-achiever.

Bauer Alum Brings Cougar Red to Brenham

Published December 15, 2007

Eugene Hammons, president of the Brenham-area alumni group for UH, visits with two of the group’s scholarship recipients, pre-business sophomore Morgan Parker (left) and finance junior Megan Andrews

If there’s a preferred ice cream in Brenham, it’s Blue Bell, the local creamery that so many Texans love.

And if you ask most kids heading off to college where they’re going, they’ll also respond with the region’s dominant higher education brand, Texas A&M University.

Eugene Hammons, president of the Brenham-area alumni group for

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GSL Welcome Group, LLC, Has Strong Ties to UH, Bauer

Published December 15, 2007

Like the multi-layered stratum that lies beneath Houston’s geographical surface, the city’s businesses are often built upon a foundation of employees, clients and others with University of Houston ties.

Bauer Marketing Department One of 10 Most Productive in Nation

Published November 20, 2007

The department of marketing in the University of Houston’s C. T. Bauer College of Business has been deemed one of the 10 most productive in the country, according to a list published in The Chronicle of Higher Education.