Bauer Faculty Recognized For Research Impact

Published June 6, 2019

The American Marketing Association’s annual research awards are a pinnacle of achievement for marketing scholars in a competitive, rapidly changing field.

From Zero to Start-Up In 18 Months

Published May 22, 2019

This spring, Bauer College’s Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship (WCE) celebrated a graduating class that represented 10 different nationalities of students who each launched a start-up from scratch during their time in the program.

Bauer Faculty

Bauer College Honors Retiring Faculty Members

Published May 20, 2019

This year, Bauer College celebrates six dedicated faculty members who will retire after decades of contributions to the university through research, teaching and service.

Perfect Finish

Published May 16, 2019

This spring, several Bauer College undergraduates were recognized for graduating with top grade point averages.

Bauer Researchers Honored for Sales Force Productivity Insights

Published May 14, 2019

Bauer College researchers are known for leadership in the field of selling and sales management. Professor Michael Ahearne and two doctoral alumni were honored this spring for research that answers important questions about sales force productivity.