Bauer Business Focus

Anthony Collier | Aug 12, 2016

Texas Southern University student Anthony Collier stopped by Bauer Business Focus to discuss winning a recent international business competition. Collier led a team of five students to victory by promoting RadBlok, an electromagnetic chip that blocks cellphone radiation.

Bauer Business Focus

Berenice Yu | August 5, 2016

Berenice Yu of Avenue CDC stopped by Bauer Business Focus to discuss her organization’s Homebuyers’ Club, which provides free classes for residents looking to buy a home in the greater Houston area.

Quenching Desire Through Entry-Level Brands

Published August 3, 2016

Award-winning research from a Bauer College professor is examining how luxury brands like Louis Vuitton can grow their business and customer base with mass market extensions.

Bauer Business Focus

Julianne Sharples | July 29, 2016

Global Brand Manager for Ikon Science Julianne Sharples stopped by Bauer Business Focus to discuss a new initiative by the company that offers free training to oil and gas professionals who have recently lost their jobs.