Bauer BBAs Plan “BOLD” Summer As Interns for Google

Published on May 17, 2017

Two Bauer Undergrads Selected for Google Leadership and Development Internship Program

Bauer marketing juniors Melissa Torres and Anne Yu were selected from a competitive nationwide applicant pool to intern this summer with Google, through the company’s Building Opportunities for Leadership and Development (BOLD) Internship Program.

From a competitive pool of applicants across the country, two undergraduate students from the C. T. Bauer College of Business have been selected to participate in a summer internship program for Google, the tech giant frequently ranked as one of the world’s best employers.

Marketing juniors Anne Yu and Melissa Torres will travel to Ann Arbor, MI, to participate in Google’s Building Opportunities for Leadership and Development (BOLD) Internship Program, where they will work in the areas of sales and customer service, respectively, and get one-on-one time with mentors from the company. Through the program, the students will also have the opportunity to attend an exclusive speaker series with Google leadership.

“I always thought it would be cool to apply for one of those famous internships, because you just never know what could come of it,” Torres said. “Who wouldn’t be interested in a career at Google after reading about their cool perks?”

The program launches this month and runs through the summer, places interns in different sectors of Google business operations. Yu, who recently completed Bauer’s Program for Excellence in Selling and will be working in sales during her internship, says the opportunity is ideal for her career goals — social impact and innovation.

“I always saw myself working and helping other people,” she added. “As for a career at Google, I’ve always wanted to find a company that supports innovation and creativity, and Google does both very well.”

As they begin the Google internship program this month, Torres and Yu say they plan to apply what they’ve learned so far in the Bauer undergraduate program over the summer.

“Bauer definitely helped me build up my personal and professional skills through the amazing program and organizations it offers,” Yu said. “As a Google intern, I hope to learn how to work with different types of people, whether they are technical software engineers or people operations. I want to be able to learn how express my personal ideas comfortably with the people I talk with and develop my own culture of connections.”

Torres added: “I really want to take the time to just soak in as much as I can and learn from everyone around me.”

By Amanda Sebesta & Jessica Navarro