Up Close With Ernesto Guevara (MBA 2011)

Published on May 30, 2012

Ernesto Guevara (MBA 2012)

Ernesto Guevara (MBA 2011)

Hometown: Houston
Current Job: Senior Strategy & Market Analyst for EP Energy

Recent MBA graduate Ernesto Guevara treated his search for a career as a full-time job, beginning as soon as he entered the program by connecting with staff in Bauer’s Rockwell Career Center and securing a leadership role in the college’s MBA Advisory Board, all the while interacting with companies and enhancing his professional portfolio through internships and hands-on experience.

Q: What was the job search process like for you?

A: It began as soon as I entered the Bauer MBA program in the fall of 2009. I worked closely with the Rockwell Career Center and other Bauer MBA alumni to first secure a 2010 summer internship at Halliburton, then to obtain a full-time offer from Weatherford International before graduation, and now to find my current position at EP Energy. It has been an ongoing process focused on identifying, building and utilizing key relationships to develop my career.

Q: What skills from your Bauer courses have been the most applicable in your job?

A: The most valuable skills that I use on a daily basis came from the courses Business Modeling for Competitive Advantage with Dr. Phil Rogers and Effective Negotiations with Dr. Chet Miller. Dr. Rogers’ class is an extensive review and application of Microsoft Excel based tools which is a skill set that is required in today’s business world. Dr. Miller’s course teaches better negotiation techniques (win-win) through understanding interests rather than positions, an important tool for business and personal applications.

 Q: What do you think gave you an advantage in the job market over grads from other schools?

A: The most important factor was the summer internship at Halliburton. The internship highlighted my interest in the energy industry to potential employers, and it gave me the opportunity to get hands-on experience in the business. Additionally, the Bauer MBA professional graduate organizations were also instrumental in preparing me for the graduate-level job market, especially the opportunity to serve as president for the Bauer MBA Advisory Board in 2011. My involvement sharpened my leadership and communication skills, which are vital in today’s competitive job market.

 Q: What advice would you give to graduating students currently looking for work?

A: I would recommend to graduating students who are currently looking for work to first think about what they want to do, where they want to go in life and to make a list of the companies or opportunities that can provide that for them and then to seek out those positions. I am confident that our MBA graduates can effectively compete for good jobs – that is not the challenge – the challenge is finding the right fit. Secondly, I recommend to view the MBA job search/ career as a process. It should be a long term approach to the development of their career. Of course,  I would also encourage the use of the Rockwell Career Services, University Career Services and most importantly your Bauer MBA alumni friends and colleagues.


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