Up Close With Eddie Capistran (BBA 2011, Finance)

Published on May 30, 2012

Eddie Capistran (BBA 2011, Finance)

Eddie Capistran (BBA 2011, Finance)

Hometown: Port Neches, TX
Current Job: consultant/analyst for Meridian Compensation Partners, LLC

For finance alumnus Eddie Capistran, getting a job upon graduation was all about maximizing his connections — from faculty with experience in the industry to staff in the college’s Rockwell Career Center, people played a large role in helping him get hired.

Q: What was the job search process like for you?

A: The process was long. It started in the summer and continued throughout the fall semester before I graduated. I went to job fairs and also filled out numerous job applications daily.

Q: What skills from your Bauer courses have been most applicable in your job?

A: Excel is definitely one of the most important tools I use daily, and the skills I learned in the MIS courses are very valuable.   Another skill I apply daily would be the ability to analyze and comprehend different statements, forms and other aspects of the financial market that are taught throughout all finance courses.

Q: What do you think gave you an advantage in the job market over grads from other schools?

A: I believe that having a well written and polished résumé and cover letter gave me an upper hand in the job market. I also consider that being knowledgeable about the industry and being prepared for the interview process was a key component in my eventual employment.

Q: What advice would you give to graduating students currently looking for work?

A: First I would say to start the job search process as soon as you know when graduation is.   Looking for a job is a job in itself so the sooner you start the better off you will be.  Second I would say to attend as many job fairs as possible even if graduation is not soon.  This process will give you a good feel and practice as to what kind of questions you will be asked during an interview and increase your comfort level when interviewing with a company.  Third, I would say that utilizing the resources available to you at school is very valuable.  The Rockwell Career Center played a crucial part in my succeeding in getting a job and it is free, so use it.  Almost all professors encourage you to discuss any kind of questions you may have with them and since many are previous professionals in the business world, they hold great insights as to what kind of expectations to have.  Finally, I would say to network, network, network. Network with anyone and everyone, from classmates, faculty, people you come into contact with at your current job, and even people you don’t come into contact with via LinkedIn and other social media tools.

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