A Trip Down Memory Lane

Published on February 1, 2017

MISSO Celebrates 35 Years at Bauer College

The first members of the student organization MISSO at UH pose for a photo outside of the then UH business school’s main building, the Fred J. Heyne Building, in 1982. Below, this year’s officers pose during a meeting where they invited former club members back to campus to celebrate the group’s 35th anniversary. See more photos on WhereAwesomeHappens.com.

Bauer College student Hilario “Eli” Yanez is president of MISSO, the Management Information Systems Student Organization at Bauer College. Here, he shares his reflections on the organization as it celebrates its 35th anniversary. For more information on MISSO, visit www.misso.org.

On the year of our 35th anniversary, our Spring 2017 MISSO officer team managed to locate Philip Brown, the first-ever president of the organization.

On Jan. 26, Brown made his first appearance at UH since 1982 as a guest speaker for MISSO’s orientation night. He reminisced on student life in the 80’s and took us all back to a time where there was no internet, iPhone or even a personal computer. Brown, who now owns his own IT consulting firm, left everyone with some parting advice — be bold, be stoic, and be passionate when pursuing your dreams.

For those who are unaware, Brown was the catalyst in the establishment of MISSO. Along with the guidance of faculty advisor Michael Parks and the support of several other MIS students, they founded the Management Information Systems Student Organization (MISSO) here 35 years ago.

Since its initial start as an organization of roughly 30 members in 1982, MISSO has grown strong in numbers — our organization now boasts over 340 members. Over the past 35 years, MISSO has been an integral part of Houston’s information technology community, and our alumni are often seen leading the workforce in executive positions in the greater Houston area. MISSO is currently one of the top student organizations at Bauer College, fueled by top companies in the country.

During Brown’s speech, he mentioned the challenges and the rewards when it comes to pursuing a career in information technology. He encouraged everyone in the audience to never give up in the pursuit of your desired career path. We also welcomed back five of MISSO’s past presidents (Julio Leon – Fall 2016, Sofia Thia – Spring 2016, Rez Chowdhury – Fall 2015, Stefan Chou – Fall 2014, Cassey Ghazal – Fall 2013), along with several alumni, to thank Brown for his leadership in establishing MISSO. At the end of his speech, we presented Brown with MISSO’s Lifetime Achievement Award, in recognition of his dedicated efforts, leadership and inspiration in establishing MISSO.

MISSO is grateful for the rich history the organization has built over the past 35 years and is very excited for what the future holds. Our vision is to become a premier IT & business student organization in the country. There has never been a more exciting time to consider a career in information technology — it’s been said that we are witnessing the fourth revolution of our time, and technology is the driving force behind that.

With this much excitement happening in the IT industry, MISSO is here to help guide our members along their journey to success in their IT careers with professionalism, networking, growth and education.

By Hilario Yanez