Bauer Alumnus Publishes Book About Oil and Gas Industry

Published on March 26, 2015

Alfonso Colombano Pens Book as Resource for Upstream, Midstream, Downstream Companies

Alfonso Colombano holds his first book, Oil and Gas Company Analysis, which analyzes more than 30 oil and gas companies.

Alfonso Colombano holds his first book, Oil and Gas Company Analysis, which analyzes more than 30 oil and gas companies.

A recent Bauer College global energy graduate has just published a book designed to serve as a resource for the energy industry, with the knowledge gained from the program.

Venezuela native Alfonso Colombano graduated from Bauer’s undergraduate program with a major in accounting and a minor in economics in 2010. His new book, Oil and Gas Company Analysis, assesses the upstream, midstream and downstream areas of the oil and gas industry.

He said he wrote the book with the intentions of taking a deeper look at the similarities and differences of financial and operational aspects of the major domestic and global players in the industry. Colombano evaluates more than 30 companies in different categories and provides an overview of different sectors in the industry, in addition to giving thorough descriptions of each in dedicated chapters.

In addition to writing, Colombano works professionally as a financial reporting analyst. During his undergraduate career, he was involved in Bauer’s Energy Association and had the opportunity to network with professionals in the industry.

“Houston is the energy capital in the world,” Colombano said. “The university has an excellent energy program, and the fact that the industry is so critical to the economy makes it a very interesting business. You can be in the industry 20 or 30 years, and you will still be learning something new every day.”

Through Bauer’s program, Colombano solidified his decision to pursue a career in energy.

“The college has so many interesting and motivating events from which you can learn about many different companies. It is an incredible connection to faculty, the learning environment and the excellent curriculum,” Colombano said. “You get to meet so many mentors, including professors and administration that really motivate students to learn about the industry.”

Colombano is back at Bauer where he is currently pursuing his master’s degree in global energy management. After he receives his master’s in 2016, he plans to continue to work and grow his knowledge in the oil and gas industry.

“My main drive is to increase my learning,” Colombano said. “The mission from the beginning was always, everyday; if you are learning something new that’s a very good day.”

He is planning on writing a second book in 2016 after he graduates.

By Abigail Leal

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6 replies to “Bauer Alumnus Publishes Book About Oil and Gas Industry

  1. Miral Patel

    Great article! It’s always great to know about other Houston Cougars making an impact right here at home.

    I have read the book also, great detailed information with lot of insight. Thank you for the post!

    Again, great work on the article Abigail!

  2. Hilario Yanez

    Thank you Mr. Alfonso Colombano, My name is Hilario Yanez, a supply chain management major from Bauer College of Business. I have been desperately looking for more knowledge into the oil and gas industry. I purchased your book and absolutely can not get enough of it! I will be interning this summer at Statoil and it’s a shocker of how much information you put about Statoil.
    Thank you once again for making a difference in providing basic foundation knowledge on this dynamic and fast moving industry for upcoming students!

  3. Susan Nguyen

    Great job Alfonso!! I’m very happy for all your continued success. I enjoyed reading your book very much–it is very informative! Your knowledge of the oil and gas industry never ceases to amaze me and I’m glad to see a fellow Cougar making headlines!

    Keep up the good work and can’t wait for your second book!

    Susan Nguyen

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