Bauer Graduate Alumni Compete in International Supply Chain Competition

Published on November 17, 2017

Bauer Team Lands Spot in Preliminary Round of Competition

Graduate alumni Aqib Sunesara, Ankita Jaiswal, Negar Nikpour, and Matthew Busingye competed in The Fresh Connection APICS Global Student Challenge during the 2017 APICS International Conference in San Antonio.

In October, a team of C. T. Bauer College of Business alumni competed in an international supply chain competition at the 2017 APICS International Conference in San Antonio.

Bauer graduate alumni Ankita Jaiswal, Negar Nikpor, Aqib Sunesara, and Matthew Busingye, competed in The Fresh Connection APICS Global Student Challenge against 14 teams from international schools, including Binghamton University, Loyola University and the University of Sao Paulo, among others.

The challenge involved a supply chain management simulation in which a virtual fruit juice company had profit losses, and the competitors consulted the company, giving possible solutions to scenario.

“Fresh Connection challenged us not only to use material learned in our supply chain courses, but it also challenged us to use skills such as collaboration and critical thinking, which are very well fostered at Bauer, to be successful by applying them to a real-world scenario,” Busingye said. “It was great to see that our in-class learning was easily transferable to a real-life scenario similar to what most of us will face during our day-to-day jobs.”

The team previously earned first place in the Terra Grande District Competition in April (with Bauer student teams taking second and third place), earning them a spot in the Fresh Connection challenge preliminary round.

“All of the teams are well prepared and polished. The learning experience and networking opportunities with students and professional is well worth the effort,” Decision & Information Sciences Clinical Assistant Professor and mentor Gordon Smith said.

Nikpor added: “These APICS conferences are a great experience and a unique opportunity to meet executives and supply chain professionals from well-known companies, listen to their lectures, and get a chance to familiarize with new ideas and technologies.”

By Catty Galan & Amanda Sebesta

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