Bauer Welcomes Gold & Silver Cougar Alumni Back to Campus

Published on April 15, 2014

Graduates From 25 and 50 Years Ago Invited Back to Campus for Third Annual Gold & Silver Cougar Luncheon

Gold & Silver Cougar Luncheon

Alumnus Richard Reed looks through the Cougar Mobile Museum during the third annual Gold & Silver Cougar Luncheon event.

The C. T. Bauer College of Business welcomed alumni celebrating their gold and silver anniversaries back to campus in April for an afternoon of camaraderie and reminiscing, along with an update on the college, during the third annual Gold & Silver Cougar Alumni Luncheon.

The event showcased a Cougar Mobile Museum that included Houstonian yearbooks, Frontier Fiesta programs, student newspapers and athletics memorabilia through the years, along with remarks from current Bauer students, who addressed the audience of graduates from 25 and 50 years ago.

“This event is to let you know what’s happening on campus and to help us make connections with you all,” Dean Latha Ramchand said. “I love hearing stories that validate our mission to be not just a degree-granting institution, but a college that makes changes in the lives of our students and creates transformations within our community.”

August Galiano (MBA ’55) shared his thoughts on how what was then called the University of Houston College of Business Administration changed his life and how his education enabled him to make major changes within the Houston community.

“My first job after I got my degree from the University of Houston, I went to work for the Houston Chronicle for the research and promotion department,” Galiano said. “We did research on the readership, how many people read the paper and what ages they were. At the time the Chronicle was an afternoon paper, but our research proved that most people would want a morning paper, so soon after they started publishing two editions, a morning and an afternoon.”

Galiano encouraged current students to work hard during their time at Bauer. One such student, accounting senior Aimee Muniz, spoke to the alumni on just how hard she does work and the opportunities she has been afforded because of her efforts.

“I have worked very hard during my time here at Bauer, and after my first year here, I was offered two internships,” Muniz said. “I was also extended a full-time job offer two years in advance of my graduation.”

During the luncheon, Ramchand reported to the alumni group on the college’s year of achievements, which include WCE business plan competition team champions and accolades from Google, U.S. News & World Report, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and The Princeton Review and Entrepreneur magazine.

“I truly believe everything we do is defined by student success,” Ramchand said. “This last year has planted us firmly on a trajectory of growth. With close to 6,000 Bauer students, we want to invest in the best and the brightest faculty to help our students to be the best and the brightest among top companies.”

Although many things have changed on campus since the 1950s, the college’s commitment to students has remained the same, alumnus J.W. “Willie” Burns (BBA ’58) said.

“The commitment by the founders, Mr. Cullen, and the people who followed him is unparalleled by any other university,” he said. “There’s no place like the University of Houston, and Bauer is the spearhead for this institution’s success. The business college is what has helped make Houston what it is today.”

Click here to see photos from the Gold and Silver Cougar Luncheon.

By Danielle Ponder

Gold & Silver Cougar Celebration 2014

On April 11, Bauer College held the Third Annual Gold & Silver Cougar Celebration, honoring alumni who graduated from the college 25 or 50 years ago.

The luncheon event gave alumni the opportunity to reminisce about their experiences as students and get an update about where Bauer College is today, with a presentation from Dean Latha Ramchand and remarks from current students.

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  1. Jerry Paul

    Thanks for hosting such a nice event. It has been some years since I returned to campus and was very impressed with the positive changes I encountered. I was overwhelmed with the enthusiasm of Dean Ramchand, the Bauer staff and the students who attended and spoke of their UH experience. I think it was a “job well done”.

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