Bauer’s Bold Vision Focus of Annual Meeting

Published on July 28, 2010

Annual Alumni Meeting Celebrates 10 Years of Donor ROI, Student Leadership

Bauer alumni from Liberty Mutual, the presenting sponsor of the 2010 meeting, keep strong ties to the college through recruiting and team participation in the Bauer Champions Scholarship Campaign.

Alumni and supporters of the C. T. Bauer College of Business will gather in Houston on Aug. 19 for the Annual Alumni Meeting, the Bauer College Alumni Association’s end-of-year signature event.

In recent years, the event has brought more than 300 alumni back to the college to reconnect and hear from its leaders on the latest successes from students, faculty and programs.

This year’s meeting will celebrate the 10th anniversary of Charles T. “Ted” Bauer’s historic $40 million gift to the University of Houston’s business school and the extraordinary impact it has made on the college.

“Ted Bauer’s gift has touched thousands of lives and inspired unprecedented support from corporations, alumni, and individuals, many of whom did not even attend UH,” said BCAA president David V. Flores (MBA ’03).

The annual alumni meeting is a signature event for the Bauer College Alumni Association, drawing hundreds of supporters in recent years.

“When you consider how far the college has come in the past decade, the ROI on the gift is amazing, and our extensive alumni involvement only maximizes its reach.”

Director of alumni development John O’Dell (’70) came to the college shortly after learning about Bauer’s commitment to the college. He says the magnitude of the gift was inspiration for alumni, including himself, to become a part of something great.

Since coming to the college, he has helped to form the Circle of Honor, a celebration of donors gifting $10,000 or more, as well as the Decade of Giving, a group that recognizes consistency of support over 10 or more years.

“Ted Bauer’s gift continues to inspire Bauer alumni to join with the college and do what they are able to do with their time, talent and investment,” O’Dell said. “His legacy serves as an ongoing example of the possibilities one can create for the next generation of Bauer students.”

The meeting will reflect on the investment and involvement of Bauer supporters who have brought the college to its place today as a global center for business learning with top-ranked faculty, a diverse student body and passionate supporters.

This year’s event has drawn more support from local companies and alumni than ever before. Liberty Mutual is the title sponsor with a commitment of $10,000, while Strategic Financial Group, CenterPoint Energy, Amegy Bank and Hein & Associates join the list of supporting sponsors. A total of $20,000 in support is anticipated with part of the sponsorship going toward funding the event and the other part toward scholarships.

Marcus Smith (’04) of Liberty Mutual says the title sponsorship is an honor for his branch. “So much of what I have achieved in my career can be attributed to the education and experiences I received at the C. T. Bauer College of Business,” Smith said.

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By Lori Reichardt

Sponsors Talk about Bauer’s ROI

“Since starting my own business with Liberty Mutual, I have filled my team with fellow alumni. Bauer students equate to a work ethic that yields top results and allows us to break records across the country. Sponsoring the Annual Alumni Meeting is not only a tribute to the college that shaped my success, but a celebration of the alumni ties that keep my company thriving.”
-Marcus Smith (’04), Liberty Mutual sales representative

“Since we’ve been recruiting at Bauer, at any point in time you will see 8-10 Bauer students running around as interns. We are big supporters of the university, obviously, because they supply us with great talent. So this is our way of giving back, and frankly, from a business standpoint it gives our UH advisors an opportunity to network with alumni and get their names out.”
-J.K. McAndrews, Strategic Financial Group President

“Our interest in supporting Bauer is threefold. It starts with Amegy Bank’s growing population of Bauer graduates who want to support the activities of Bauer. Secondly, there are a significant number of Bauer graduates in meaningful roles throughout the Houston business community that we want to tap into better. Lastly, we are impressed with the proactive manner in which the Bauer College of Business is becoming a creative and relevant resource to the Houston business community.”
-Steve Stephens (’80), Amegy President

“We are big UH fans, and we get involved in many ways. From the business side, we need accountants, and Bauer offers a reliable pipeline for future CPAs that perform well in our company. The school is built on a blue collar mentality where most graduates have already worked in a professional environment while going to school and know how to roll up their sleeves and get the job done. Many are first generation graduates, or have worked in industry or come from other interesting backgrounds. Bauer students have stories to tell, and I think having life experience like that makes a more well-rounded individual.”
-Billy Tilotta (’96), audit partner at HEIN & ASSOCIATES, LLP

“The relationship between the University of Houston and CenterPoint Energy is a critical component of our company’s long-term growth strategy, with a significant percentage of our employee base receiving their education at UH. Just like Bauer College, as CenterPoint Energy continues to grow and evolve with the ever-changing energy markets, we hope to leverage the valuable asset we have in Bauer’s alumni pipeline.”
-C. Gregory Harper (MBA ’97), SVP and Group President, CenterPoint Energy Pipelines and Field Services

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