Customer Service Key to Business Success, StarTex Power Co-Founder Tells Bauer Alumni

Published on September 21, 2012

Bauer Alumni Kick Off Fall 2012 Breakfast Series with
StarTex Power Co-Founder Marcie Zlotnik

Marcie Zlotnik

Marcie Zlotnik, co-founder and executive vice president of StarTex Power, stressed the importance of customer service during a talk to the Bauer College Alumni Association.

The key ingredient to ensuring customers keep coming back to your brand? Trust — that’s what StarTex Power co-founder and executive vice president Marcie Zlotnik told alumni from the Bauer College of Business over breakfast on Sept. 20.

Zlotnik’s talk kicked off the Fall 2012 Bauer College Alumni Association (BCAA) monthly networking breakfast series and focused on the importance of providing quality customer service to all stakeholders, from employees and consumers to the community. The event was held at the Houston City Club and presented by James E. Bashaw & Co.

“It’s a different mentality to have to earn a customer’s trust,” said Zlotnik, who has more than a decade of experience in the energy industry. “In order to distinguish yourself in a heavily saturated industry, you have to have a niche, and you have to have engaged employees who want to make a difference, who want to succeed. That’s what makes StarTex Power unique.”

Business owners shouldn’t focus on their needs, she added, but rather what is best for employees and customers.

“World-class customer service is as important as profit and losses,” Zlotnik said. “You want to know how to make customers happy? Be available to answer their questions.”

Since its inception in 2004, StarTex Power has received recognition for their customer service including the “Best Place to Work” by the Houston Business Journal for the past four years and was named a 2010 “Best Company to Work for in Texas” by Texas Monthly.

“By focusing on customer service for the community, our customers and employees, we were successful,” Zlotnik said. “We were nationally recognized, and not only were our customers and employees happy, we had that third party recognition to reinforce the importance of customer service.”

Held monthly in the fall and spring, the Bauer College Alumni Association breakfast events provide alumni with access to speakers like Zlotnik and an opportunity to network with peers.

On Oct. 18, BCAA will host Michael C. Linn, founder of LINN Energy, LLC. For more information and to RSVP, click here.

By Amanda Sebesta

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