Bauer College Launches Commercial Lending School

Published on March 2, 2018
Gary Randazzo

Gary Randazzo

Retiring baby-boomers and changes in banking have contributed to an acute shortage of credit analysts and lenders. But few institutions are able to commit to providing the training needed for those who review, approve, or reject loans.

Enter Bauer’s Executive Education department, which offers specialized teaching for a variety of industries. Sessions for a three-part Commercial Lending School begin this spring.

“Bauer is offering top-quality credit training within a framework that develops and reinforces skills financial institution employees need to function independently as commercial analysts or lenders,” said Gary Randazzo, director of Bauer’s Executive Education program and a clinical assistant professor in marketing.

“To participate, students need to demonstrate basic competency in accounting, particularly financial statements and the principles that govern their construction,” Randazzo said. “If any registrants do not have that level of familiarity with accounting, we suggest they complete Bauer’s Open Enrollment accounting and financial statements courses before joining the class.”

Students will earn a certificate after completing classes split into three consecutive sessions running May through August. Graduates will be encouraged to sit for the Risk Management Association’s Credit Risk Certification (CRC) examination after completing the school.

Dates for the three sessions are Commercial Lending, May 7-11; Risk Management Association Lending Academy, July 9-13; RMA Lending Academy II, August 13-17. More information can be found here.

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