Bauer Professor Named Among Most Prominent Global Marketing Scholars

Published on March 19, 2018

Rex Du

Rex Du, a Bauer College professor of marketing, has been selected as a member of the prestigious inaugural class of Marketing Science Institute (MSI) Scholars. A group of 34 mid-career marketing faculty will convene this summer for a retreat.

The new MSI Scholars Program was developed to recognize excellence in marketing scholarship, develop a cohort across marketing disciplines, and strengthen ties between scholars and MSI. “The MSI Scholars are among the most prominent marketing scholars in the world, and we look forward to their ideas about setting the agenda for the field and helping to bridge the gap between research and practice,” said Executive Director Carl Mela.

In 2016, Du chaired the Advanced Research Techniques (ART) Forum, which advances state of the art marketing research methods and facilitates the exchange of ideas between industry and academia. He has twice received Best Paper Awards at ART and was named an MSI Young Scholar in 2009. More than 100 outstanding marketing professors applied to be part of the 2018 MSI Scholars Program.

“Besides seeing my work published in top journals, I have found another aspect of my research particularly rewarding; seeing my work making a direct impact on practice,” Du said. “For me, the most rewarding moments professionally are when I know my research has made a positive difference in the world of marketing practice.”

Du has worked with major financial institutions and retailers and has conducted workshops at some of the largest corporations in the world.

“I am committed to identifying challenges commonly faced by marketing practitioners in a range of industries and develop generalizable solutions that are not only methodologically innovative and rigorous but also practically feasible,” he said.

Du earned a Ph.D. from Duke University in 2005 and has published in leading journals such as Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Marketing, Marketing Science, Management Science, and Journal of Consumer Research and others.

His current research covers four main areas: brand tracking and social media; consumer finance and customer relationship management in banking; online searches and market intelligence; and digital media and marketing spending optimization.

By Julie Bonnin

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