Using Self Reflection, Support Network to Bring Clarity

Published on November 13, 2017

As business leaders approach the new year, there’s little to suggest much of a shift from the disruptiveness and divisiveness characterizing much of 2017.

What helps to bring better clarity for leaders is having a deep knowledge of who they are, along with clearly defined values and a reliable support network, said David Cook, director of the Cyvia and Melvyn Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship at Bauer College.

The Wolff Center has consistently ranked as one of the best entrepreneurship programs in the U.S., and was recently ranked second on a list of Top 25 Undergraduate Schools for Entrepreneurship Studies released this week by The Princeton Review and Entrepreneur.

“It’s the core of what we teach,” Cook said. “We’re not teaching you about a business, or about a technology.”

He added: “What we want you to know when you leave the Wolff Center is to understand who you are. What is your tolerance for risk? What are the things that you see as non-negotiable? So that in the midst of the constant changes, divisiveness, and a rapid explosion of information and (assertions of) fake news, when you are confronted with all varieties of stuff, you still have the ability to make choices rooted in your values.”

The strong mentorships that are a key part of the Wolff’s Center success are also something business leaders will lean on throughout their careers, especially when facing tough decisions, Cook said.

“When our students go out in the world they’re not just effective. They know how to think and feel in a way that builds relationships. We want them to have the strength of character so that they have confidence in themselves, their families and their companies, regardless of all these different things going on.”

By Julie Bonnin

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