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Anthony Collier | Aug 12, 2016

Published on August 12, 2016
Anthony Collier Photo by Brien Straw | Houston Public Media

Anthony Collier Photo by Brien Straw | Houston Public Media

On Bauer Business Focus – a conversation on a new cellphone chip that can decrease the harmful effects of radiation.  

Texas Southern University student Anthony Collier stopped by Bauer Business Focus to discuss winning a recent international business competition. Collier led a team of five students to victory by promoting RadBlok, an electromagnetic chip that blocks cellphone radiation.

“Radblok is an electromagnetic chip that does three key functions,” Collier said. “It blocks radiation, it conserves battery life and it boosts phone reception. There’s aluminum foil that you peel back and you stick it to the back of your phone, or you stick it to the back of your case. It’s that simple.”

The chip was developed to fight the harmful effects of radiation from cellphone use, which studies have shown to be especially dangerous to children due to their smaller skull structure and developing nervous system.

“Within the 21st century we’ve seen a sharp increase in the rise of brain tumors and brain cancer,” Collier added. “And the only thing scientists see that is different is the use of technology – now everyone has a cellphone.”

The Radblok chip is also designed to help users conserve battery life and experience better reception.

“Not only can it save your life, it can save your children’s life. And it’ll also be much more convenient for you. I’m sure you have a smartphone, and it probably dies pretty quickly. This is something that we can also help you with.”

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