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Bob Pertierra | June 28, 2016

Published on June 28, 2016

On Bauer Business Focus – a conversation on the potential impact of reduced trade barriers between the United States and Cuba.

Chief Economic Development Officer for the Greater Houston Partnership Bob Pertierra stopped by Bauer Business Focus to discuss future trade opportunities between Houston and Cuba.

“Cuba has been isolated and really an untapped market for more than 50 years that’s finally opening up,” Pertierra said. “The big milestone was when the formal diplomatic relations were established in July 2015. We met with the ambassador from Cuba in April and he talked about several of our business leaders here from the partnership. Now we have a Houston ambassador. The next step for Houston would be to get a consul general from Cuba.”

In the meantime, businesses across several Houston industries are preparing for investment opportunities on the island.

“Their infrastructure is going to need to be advanced, so engineering and construction and power services would be important to help build their infrastructure,” he added. “Logistic services, companies that are helping move goods have been not allowed to move into Cuba for many years. So that’s another important area. I think there’s a number of good solid things that Houston has strengths in.”

There is growing excitement in the market for the potential benefits that expanding trade between Houston and Cuba could bring, Pertierra added.

“I think it will benefit people on both sides. And Houston is a natural partner for Cuba on many levels – both culturally and economically as well as a natural help for the Americas.”

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