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Daniel Baker | August 1, 2014

Published on July 30, 2014

FlightAware CEO Daniel Baker stopped by Bauer Business Focus recently to discuss private flights and aviation.

On Bauer Business Focus — A conversation on FlightAware with Houston Public Media News 88.7 Business Reporter Andrew Schneider.

When Daniel Baker created FlightAware as a hobby in 2005, it was hard to believe it would become a company where he would be CEO. Baker recently stopped by Bauer Business Focus to discuss private flights and aviation.

The website tracks private flights domestically and internationally in almost 50 countries. Gathering the international data can be incredibly difficult, Baker said, but after several years, FlightAware was able to track flights in much of Europe and now Australia and New Zealand.

“One of the biggest parts of my job is trying to get data from foreign governments,” Baker said. “Most Americans, me included, like to complain about the bureaucracy of the U.S. and how difficult and slow things move, but it’s actually and incredibly open country with a lot of civil servants at the FAA who are motivated to help industry and help out aircraft operators.”

The company is a software and technology company as much as it is an air travel service company, presenting the challenge of finding employees who are suited to cover both fields.

“The upside is that there are a lot of people that are a lot like me, as far as they are like me and they’re computer people and software developers and they also have a passionate part of their spirit for airplanes,” Baker said. “For those types of people the opportunity to write software and be able to be involved in the industry is really a win-win.”

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