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Jane Howze | July 15, 2016

Published on July 15, 2016

On Bauer Business Focus – a conversation on how companies can increase diversity in the workplace.

Jane Howze, founder of The Alexander Group, stopped by Bauer Business Focus to discuss why some organizations still struggle to diversify their workforce.

“What I think has changed is more women and more minorities are coming up through colleges, graduate schools and medical schools. But it’s talking some time to trickle up to the executive suite and to the board. Are there things we can do about it? Absolutely. It is changing, but it’s changing slowly,” she said.

Howze advises companies to focus on diversifying every level of their workforce in order to attract a greater pool of candidates.

“One of the things you do is you start at the lower rankings. Are there scholarships a company can give to somebody at an African American university? Are there internships you can give where you reach out and its starts becoming part of your culture? At a company you can’t say, ‘we’re going to have one diversity candidate.’ It needs to be company wide, and it needs to be where everybody in the company is conscious that we want a diverse workforce,” she said.

According to Howze, it’s important to keep in mind that diversifying the workplace is about more than meeting an established quota.

“You’re talking about diversity of opinions, diversity of age, diversity of experience,” Howze said. “It’s a lot broader than I think most people think it is. But of course, boards and executive suites do need more women, do need more minorities, but diversity is a lot broader than people give it credit to be.”

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