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Jeff Moseley | January 7, 2011

Published on January 5, 2011

GHP CEO Jeff Moseley and his organization work nonstop to promote and safeguard economic opportunities for Houston.

On Bauer Business Focus — A conversation on how Houston fared in 2010 and the economic outlook for the new year with Ed Mayberry, business reporter for KUHF 88.7FM.

The Greater Houston Partnership is at the forefront of the Houston business community and one of the strongest proponents of growing the city’s economy, as well as working to minimize federal government issues that impact jobs, industries and growth around the Houston area and Texas.

GHP President and CEO Jeff Moseley returns to Bauer Business Focus to offer a glimpse at promising growth news that his organization will herald at its annual meeting on Jan.11.  Moseley recently testified on a subcommittee in the nation’s capital on the complex topic of immigration reform.  Other speakers included NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and News Corporation Chairman Rupert Murdoch.

Moseley stressed the importance of business having a voice, especially when the federal government makes decisions that could cost jobs.  In looking back at 2010, he described GHP’s bipartisan efforts with Texas congressional leadership to protect funding of NASA’s Johnson Space Center, which boasts 17,500 highly trained and specialized workers.  “Cuts are not needed and while we could not protect all jobs, we were able to protect 95 percent,” Moseley said.

GHP drew on a bipartisan coalition to help navigate the Administration’s response to the BP gulf oil spill and the shallow and deepwater moratorium.  In the end, Houston built a stronger relationship with the Department of Energy and climate of engagement for business to be heard.

As Houston enters 2011, Moseley gave a preview of positive trends that reinforce Houston’s stature as a strategic economic hub:

  • Former Continental CEO Larry Kellner will become GHP’s Board Chair and brings aviation industry and global leadership at a time when Continental and United are forming the largest air carrier.  Though Houston lost the headquarters, it will serve as the airline’s largest hub — the positive impact of which cannot be understated, Moseley said.
  • Trends indicate that Houston will replenish jobs lost over the past two years and continue to lead the nation in job growth.
  • Houston continues to have affordability and a strong middle class; Moseley attributed this to a strong foundation that business built over decades
  • Panama Canal’s third lane opens in 36 months and will bring ships from Asia directly to Houston; in fact, super retailer Walmart has been operating a multi million square-foot logistics center near the ship channel.
  • Houston’s economy is more than $404 billion, representing a third of the state and comparable to that of many nations, like Saudi Arabia.

“Business has affected tremendous change and has been an integral part of this city and always will,” Moseley added.

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