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Julianne Sharples | July 29, 2016

Published on July 29, 2016

On Bauer Business Focus – a conversation on Ikon Science’s new ‘Geos Between Jobs’ training program.


Julianne Sharples

Global Brand Manager for Ikon Science Julianne Sharples stopped by Bauer Business Focus to discuss a new initiative by the company that offers free training to oil and gas professionals who have recently lost their jobs.

“Oil and gas by nature is a cyclical business,” Sharples said. “It’s always had booms and slumps. So we said, what can we do that’s good for people now who are going through hardships and have fallen on bad times, and would also be good for the industry when things pick up – because they will pick up? So we came up with this idea of training people while they had time on their hands in rock physics.”

The goal behind the initiative is to better prepare oil and gas professionals to reenter the workforce when the industry bounces back.

“They’re treated like they were a true client of Ikon, so they get full access to support, they get data, they get access to our video library, and they can now add that skill of rock physics to their CV,” she said. “When things pick up, they’ll be ahead of the pack in the industry. It’ll be good for them and it’ll be good for the industry as a whole.”

Interested professionals can apply online through Ikon Science’s website by uploading their CVs. Ikon Science then selects the applicants with the best fit for the course – usually those with a geophysics or geology background.

“This is a course that would normally cost a client at an oil and gas company a good couple of thousand dollars,” Sharples added. “But it’s something that we can donate because it’s just our trainers’ time and manuals. We’ve also got the training center there, so it’s something that we could do. We’ve got some new budgets too – we’re going through the same hardships as everyone else. But this is something that we could do to pay forward that was a win-win for both us and the participants.”

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