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Ken Jones | Sep 9, 2016

Published on September 9, 2016
Ken Jones Photo by Florian Martin | Houston Public Media

Ken Jones Photo by Florian Martin | Houston Public Media

On Bauer Business Focus – a conversation on the recent expansion of the University of Houston’s Innovation Center.   

C. T. Bauer College of Business Wolff Center of Entrepreneurship Director Ken Jones stopped by Bauer Business Focus to discuss the new addition to the university’s Innovation Center at Energy Research Park.

“We most recently opened up what is commonly referred to as a wet lab facility that will, depending on the size of the company, probably handle about 20 startups,” Jones said. “And that provides full lab and research facilities in a beautiful new building and facility that’s really unmatched probably anywhere in the central U.S.”

Currently, the Innovation Center houses seven startups, including Bauer alumni led companies REEcycle and WAAVE. Four more startups are scheduled to join the center in the coming months.

“What we’re going to do is try to attract and further a lot of the University of Houston’s intellectual property that’s now got businesses that are around it that have licensed it, as well as strategically inviting entities that may not be directly associated with the University of Houston but might have technologies that are complementary to the technologies that we’re trying to find.”

According to Jones, the goal of the center is to equip startups with the tools to survive on their own as viable companies.

“Our job in most cases would be to get them out of there as fast as they can because they’re now on their own two feet and they’re either in revenue or they’ve moved to the next stage of their life cycle,” he added. “Our job is to create jobs and to provide resources such that the likelihood of their being successful is enhanced.”

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