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Latha Ramchand | July 22, 2016

Published on July 21, 2016
Bauer College Dean Latha Ramchand talks about working families and Practices That Pay event on July 26.

Bauer College Dean Latha Ramchand talks about working families and Practices That Pay event on July 26.

On Bauer Business Focus – a conversation on the importance of creating workplace policies that provide value for working families.

C. T. Bauer College of Business Dean Latha Ramchand stopped by Bauer Business Focus to discuss the college’s Working Families Initiative, which seeks to engage industry leaders in a conversation on how to promote diversity in the workplace.

“It’s really a three-legged stool,” Ramchand said. “The idea is that we have faculty who can do research that might inform this debate about what are practices that work, and what are practices that may not work. Second, how do we take that into the classroom and share that with students so when they’re prepared to lead and run companies they do it intentionally?”

The third part of the initiative focuses on the Bauer College’s own policies, and determining how the university system can continue to provide value to working families. According to Ramchand, it’s a question that applies to industries across the board.

“At the end of the day, if you look at assets of any company, the biggest talents are the human resources – the talents, the human ingenuity they bring to the organization. Anyone who thinks that something else is more important just doesn’t get it. A good leader, any good CEO, understands that. So it is in your interest to constantly be thinking about how to make sure the best talent comes to my firm, and how do I make sure those employees are retained?”

Ramchand also discussed the Working Families Initiative’s upcoming event, Practices That Pay, a panel featuring diverse industry leaders that will take place Tuesday, July 26. Panelists will address the most effective policies when it comes to promoting a work environment that is conducive to working families.

“We are certainly better today than we were 20 years ago. We are doing everything we can in terms of policy and state guidelines. But can we do better? Absolutely. This discussion is about that,” she added.

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