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Robert Robbins | Sep 2, 2016

Published on September 2, 2016
Robert Robbins Photo by Florian Martin | Houston Public Media

Robert Robbins Photo by Florian Martin | Houston Public Media

On Bauer Business Focus – a conversation on the recent growth and economic impact of the Texas Medical Center.

President and CEO of the Texas Medical Center Robert Robbins stopped by Bauer Business Focus to discuss ongoing expansions in the Texas Medical Center, currently the largest medical complex in the world.

“It’s not even close by any parameter that one would use to measure clinical activity, research activity or education programs,” Robbins said. “Of the 57 institutions that make up the Texas Medical Center, there are 21 hospitals that are part of that. So the main activity is clinical care for patients.”

As president and CEO, Robbins has worked to develop institutes that foster collaboration between the various organizations in the center, focusing on the areas of hatch policy, genetics, regenerative medicine, stem cell biology, innovation and commercialization and clinical research.

“There are a lot of collaborative programs, but this was the first effort to have some premier programs that would highlight and bring together experts across those five domains, so that the value proposition would be the sum of the parts is greater than the individual parts.”

While Robbins admits that the energy industry is the primary foundation of Houston’s economy, he says the impact of the Texas Medical Center on the bayou city will only continue to grow.

“The Texas Medical Center is collectively the largest single employer in Houston with over 100,000 employees, with a $20 billion consolidated operating budget, with 50 million square feet of space – rapidly expanding to over 55 million over the next 3 or 4 years,” he added. “It’s an economic engine for not only the city but the region. It’s been estimated that the economic impact is about $30 – $35 billion in the local economy.

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