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What’s your new personal policy this new year?

Published on January 27, 2020

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Episode 1: New Year, New You (Goal Setting and Personal Policies)

Expert: Vanessa Patrick (Associate Dean of Research and Bauer Professor of Marketing)

Summary: If you’ve already ditched your New Year’s resolution, this is the segment for you. Bauer College Associate Dean of Research Vanessa Patrick says the real key to achieving a personal or professional goal isn’t to make a resolution or list a set of goals but rather to adopt a set of personal policies that are grounded in your own values and priorities. This “way of being and operating in the world” allows individuals to successfully manage the pull of pleasure by boosting self-control. In this episode, she will share a couple key takeaways from her research that listeners can immediately implement to feel more confident and proactive in achieving success ― no matter the time of year.

Key Takeaway/Insight: Finding personal and professional success isn’t about making a resolution but rather about adopting a set of personal policies that are grounded in your own values and priorities.

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