Bauer College Launches Redesigned Homepage

Published on July 15, 2016

Updates Include Improved Navigation, Streamlined Design and Event Focus

Today, the C. T. Bauer College of Business is launching a redesigned homepage. Users will notice improvements in the overall design of the homepage, including the image slideshow, top navigation menu and subpage headlines, in an effort to better showcase the college’s student, alumni, faculty and program successes. In addition to these stylistic changes, improvements and optimizations to the website’s underlying template have also been made.

Members of the college’s Office of Communications team led the project, with input from college faculty, staff, students and alumni along the way. Below, you can find more information about the specific improvements and where to find information on the redesigned


Tour the Bauer Homepage


Top Navigation Bar

The new top navigation bar menu stays with you.

Need to quickly navigate the website? Now, the site’s top navigation bar (and a touch of UH red) stays with you as you scroll down the homepage.

The redesigned top navigation bar allows for easier access to every academic program and department web page in an organized format familiar to the audience. While no content has been removed from the menu, some links have been added or changed (See: Apply to UH under Academics, Inside Bauer+ under News & Events and Invest Now under Invest in Bauer, which now takes the audience directly to the online giving form). The college’s robust social media portfolio is also now emphasized here on the homepage, with four icon links to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.


Homepage Slider


The new Bauer homepage slideshow.

Bigger. Better. Bolder. The image slideshow on the redesigned homepage is now more prominent, allowing the college to better showcase faculty, student, alumni and program success. In keeping with the university’s branding initiative, the redesigned homepage slideshow features familiar fonts used to communicate the university’s message on marketing and advertising materials from across the campus community to a global audience.


Latest News & Events

Latest news and upcoming events now have more space on the homepage.

Latest news and upcoming events now have more space on the homepage.

The redesigned also includes a focus on showcasing college events and news, increasing the number of stories and upcoming events featured on the homepage.


By the Numbers


New By the Numbers section is our pride at a glance.

The Bauer homepage also now features a new section, “By the Numbers,” which highlights some of the prominent rankings and statistics of programs, departments and faculty and links users directly to subpages that correspond with each statistic.


Media Mentions and Social Media

New homepage includes online conversation about Bauer College.

New homepage includes online conversation about Bauer College.

The site also has expanded sections for social media and mentions of Bauer College in the media, allowing for an at-a-glance look at conversation about the college online.


Subpage Headlines


The redesign extends to every page of the Bauer website, as shown here on the homepage of the Graduate Studies site.

Each subpage within has been updated to match the redesigned look and feel of the homepage. With this update, header templates across include fonts consistent with the homepage.

By Brandon Moeller and Amanda Sebesta 

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