Bauer Management Professor Publishes Book on Leadership

Published on October 12, 2015

Leanne Atwater Explains How to Lead in New Book, “Applied Leadership Development”


Management Professor Leanne Atwater’s new book blends research with the real-world insight of former energy industry executive Al Bolea.

Bauer College Management Professor Leanne Atwater recently released a book that applies actual experiences and theoretical research to create an approachable guide on how to become an effective leader.

The book, titled “Applied Leadership Development: Nine Elements of Leadership Mastery,” blends real-world insights of business executive Al Bolea with research findings.

“I was looking for a book written in a style that presents complex leadership ideas in a highly accessible and useable manner,” Atwater said.

Other leadership books, she said, are either highly narrative or largely based in theory and research. This book combines those two styles for the benefit of readers.

“A unique book was needed that combined the two, effectively marrying real-life experience with academic research,” Atwater added. “This is the book that does that.”

Atwater, who has been with the university since 2008, credits her students as the motivation to look at leadership research in a different light.

“We have some exceptional students at Bauer, and being open to new ideas from these students is essential,” she said. “I have also found Bauer students to be very receptive to and engaged in self-development, which is a critical part of leadership development.”

By Stephanie Phillips

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