Bauer Remembers Jack Ivancevich

Published on October 30, 2009

Bauer Grieves Loss of Renowned Management Professor

“I love reading, writing, studying, and teaching. I enjoy knowledge. I enjoy creating it and disseminating it. You put all that together and research projects, teaching material, and books just follow.” - Jack Ivancevich in interview for March 2004 issue of The Dean’s Journal

“I love reading, writing, studying, and teaching. I enjoy knowledge. I enjoy creating it and disseminating it. You put all that together and research projects, teaching material, and books just follow.” - Jack Ivancevich in interview for March 2004 issue of The Dean’s Journal

John (Jack) M. Ivancevich, Hugh Roy and Lillie Cranz Cullen Chair and Professor of Organizational Behavior and Management, passed away on Monday, October 26 at the age of 70 in Houston, Texas.

Ivancevich dedicated 35 years of service to the University of Houston where his leadership extended across the academic spectrum. In addition to teaching, he served as Chair of the Department, Associate Dean For Research, Dean of the College of Business, and Executive Vice President For Academic Affairs and Provost

Known world-wide for his academic research, Ivancevich was a consultant to private industry and author of nearly 80 books and 160 articles that helped shape current teaching of management curriculum. In 2003, he was inducted into the Academy of Management Journal‘s Hall of Fame for his writings and recognized as the Number One Ranked Academy of Management Journal‘s Fellow.

“Jack’s tall physical stature was easily surpassed by his academic stature and by his leadership role in higher education and the academy at large, especially at the University of Houston and here at Bauer. As a scholar, he was highly prolific in the leading management academic journals. As a dean, he led our college at an important period of growth and strengthened the school at every level. He will be dearly missed by his colleagues, former students and those who worked with him,” said Arthur Warga, Dean, C. T. Bauer College of Business

Former colleagues remember Jack Ivancevich

Jack cared very deeply about the University and its students. As dean of the college of business, he brought funding for the Jesse H. Jones Business Scholarship Program to campus which has opened doors for hundreds of students. He had a tremendous work ethic and energy and is known around the world for his voluminous research publications and for his many textbooks. Literally millions have learned about management from his writings.
– Dale Rude, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Management

It was a great pleasure to have known and worked with Jack Ivancevich who was one of the most important academicians in the field of management. Jack was one of the most productive and influential researchers in our field, a dedicated and wonderful teacher, and a colleague who was a joy with which to work. We are thankful for his great contributions, and we will miss him greatly.
– Robert T. Keller, Ph.D., Baker Hughes Professor of Business Administration

I first met Jack Ivancevich about 30 years ago when I came to Houston as a post-doctoral fellow. We had a common interest in research on stress and related topics, and continued to talk about and work on these issues together for the next three decades. More than a colleague, he was a supportive friend and sounding board and will be greatly missed. . . Read More
– Richard S. DeFrank, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Management

I first met Jack Ivancevich in the spring of 1972. I was a Ph.D. candidate from Indiana University interviewing for a faculty position at the University of Kentucky where Jack was teaching. After a long day of interviews, Jack took me out to dinner and then to his house where we talked well into the morning regarding leadership research. Not only did he help me restructure my dissertation data analysis, he helped plan my research stream for the next five years. This was classic Jack Ivancevich.

Fast forward 15 years. My new textbook, “Managing Behavior in Organizations”, had just been published. The dedication page reads as follows: TO JMI: COLLEAGUE, MENTOR, FRIEND

I think it says it all…..God Bless you, Jack…..
– Andrew (Skip) Szilagyi Ph.D., Professor of Management

Jack Ivancevich’s body of work speaks for itself. Nobody worked harder than Jack. As a friend and colleague of more than 40 years, my reflections tend to focus on his person. Jack was a “regular guy” who never strayed far from his South Side Chicago roots. Despite monumental achievements, he was a humble man. Always a fighter and a winner – neither traumatic family losses nor his long battle with cancer could extinguish his great spirit. His love of sports, as both participant and observer, reflected his competitive nature. He was generous and caring with friends, colleagues and graduate students. He was a true family man. Jack Ivancevich was a gentleman.
– J. Timothy McMahon, D.B.A, Professor of Management

In 1976, in his role as department chair, Jack Ivancevich hired me for my first faculty position.  He was a devoted teacher, a prolific researcher and writer, and a very able administrator in various positions.  He was clearly a role model for the rest of us, yet ever so humble.  He will be sorely missed and always remembered.
– Art Jago, Ph.D., Frances Ridge Gay MBA Professor, Robert J. Trulaske, Sr. College of Business University of Missouri

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  1. John Crumbley

    As a lowly tech in the CBA, I looked up to him. His care focus changed my life. I quote him often and hold him in high esteem. God Bless!

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