Career Fair Brings Opportunity For Students

Published on February 18, 2011

Rockwell Career Center Brings Nearly 100 Recruiters
To Campus for Spring 2011 Business Career Fair

Opportunity knocked for UH Bauer students who attended the Spring 2011 Business Career Fair, with nearly 100 companies represented.

At first glance, the University Center Houston Room was filled mostly with representatives from the area’s largest businesses and students in suits during the Spring 2011 Business Career Fair held on Feb. 15.

But something else filled the air — opportunity.

Nearly 100 companies attended the fair, hosted by the C. T. Bauer College of Business Rockwell Career Center, eager to talk to students from the college about potential internships and job opportunities.

Though the country has faced one of the toughest economic downturns in recent times in the past few years, recruiters at the Career Fair said it’s important for students to know that there are still opportunities to be had, albeit with a little bit of searching.

“There are lots of companies out there that are interviewing,” said Gustavo Cuellar, Jr., a partner from New York Life Insurance Company. “What students need to do is broaden their focus on the number of companies they are interviewing with and not be too geared towards one industry. If they go into a company and say ‘Is my major applicable to the company?’ then it opens up more opportunities for them.”

Recruiters also want students to remember the importance of a college education. A four-year degree shows employers that a student is dedicated, is focused on personal development and has the qualities to become a future leader within an organization, said Kirk Kveton, Store Team Leader from Target.

The value of a degree, especially one from UH Bauer, cannot be overlooked, Cuellar added.

“We’ve been active with UH for over eight and a half years. Bauer students have a good support system,” he said. “They actually care about how well they are doing with employers. They also care about the employers that come in to help them.”

“A lot of my star performers from the store are from Bauer,” said Dixie Irizarry, recruiter from Verizon Wireless.

The atmosphere at the Career Fair was optimistic among students, who were pleasantly surprised at the number and variety of recruiters there.

In a sea of applicants, the candidates who stand out are the ones who have prepared themselves with higher education, real world experience and research about their desired field, recruiters said.

“There are actually a lot of opportunities,” said Chris Coleman, an MBA student. “With the expanding industry, they need that manpower back. There’s a higher and higher demand for workers. It definitely brightened my spirits, and I’m going to apply to as many companies that I can.”

And for both new and veteran Career Fair participants, chances are high that a company has a position waiting to be filled.

“The last career fair I didn’t really speak to a lot of companies, but this year I’m trying to put myself out there,” said Maira Elizalde, a marketing student. “I’ve received two job offers, and I have one from my last career fair.”

But chance favors the prepared, and it is the students who are ready to meet employers who are usually the ones that are able to stand out among the competition.

“I had a clear knowledge what companies I want to approach,” said Alina Tkachova, an MBA student. “There are two types of [companies]: The ones I applied with and wanted to follow up and the companies I am interested in potentially, but that do not have the positions I am interested in yet.”

And even though not every single student leaves the Career Fair with a job or an internship, the chance to practice speaking to professionals and the opportunity to network is a huge boon for business students.

And after the experience, students felt much more confident about their future job prospects.

“I feel like when I go through graduation and come back I’ll be a much more suitable candidate,” said Emmanuel Torres, an MS Accountancy student.

By Ryan Tang

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