Dean Ramchand Talks Opportunity At Greenway Plaza “Meet the Dean”

Published on June 28, 2012

Building on Student, Program Success with Recruiting
Scholarship Campaign is Goal for Coming Year, Ramchand Says

UHY, Invesco and BBVA Compass supported the June 26 “Meet the Dean” event in Greenway Plaza. The program included, from left, Conrad Johnson, Managing Director, UHY; Esther Chance, Sr. Portfolio Manager, Invesco; Latha Ramchand, Dean, Bauer College; Ron Martin, Chief Operating Officer, UHY; and Mark Montgomery, City President, BBVA Compass.

Dean Latha Ramchand continued a series of events aimed at connecting the C. T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston with the business community on June 26 with a “Meet the Dean” gathering in Greenway Plaza.

Held in the UHY LLP suite, the event drew nearly 100 students, faculty, alumni and business professionals to hear Ramchand discuss recent achievements of the college and initiatives for the coming year. In addition to UHY, the event was co-hosted by BBVA Compass and Invesco.

In her remarks to the crowd, Ramchand focused on creating opportunity, a business mantra that she said has a global impact.

“In October, the global population hit 7 billion, and of those, 3 billion are either actively employed or seeking employment. But, there are only 1.2 billion jobs available globally,” Ramchand said. “We have a big problem, even in a global context. How do we create opportunity and in doing so, create jobs for this group? The organizations, cities and countries who can do that will be the leaders going forward.”

The key to creating opportunity, she added, is not necessarily to invent technology or products. Instead, organizations and individuals should take a cue from business icons like Walt Disney and Steve Jobs, Ramchand said.

She added, “Walt Disney didn’t create animations. Steve Jobs didn’t invent touch screen technology. But they saw a need and asked the question, ‘Why can’t we do this?’”

Since taking on the role of dean of Bauer College last year, that philosophy has been top of mind for Ramchand, who detailed for event attendees the year of success in the college, including several national wins for student teams. The vision for the college, she said, is to inspire students to create opportunity and in turn, provide jobs and resources for the economy.

Raising funds for recruiting student talent is a priority for Bauer College in the coming year, Ramchand said.

The college is also focused on providing value for businesses, Ramchand said, with events like “Meet the Dean” providing a catalyst for discussion between Bauer and companies on what kinds of resources would be most beneficial.

“The goal for us is to meet the business community and understand what they need,” Ramchand said. “Then, we can put it into the curriculum and graduate students who are ready for them to recruit and hire.”

In talking to the business community, college leaders have learned that employers are finding it difficult to fill certain positions with qualified candidates. “Wouldn’t it be great if we could solve this problem in Houston?” Ramchand said. “Whenever a company needs specialized talent, Bauer is there to supply that talent.”

Many Bauer students stay in Houston after graduating, she added, and help to power the city’s economy.

“But, not all the talent from the city stays in the city,” she said, pointing to business schools outside the state with large endowments devoted to providing high quality applicants with tuition scholarships.

In response, the college is embarking on a campaign to raise funds for recruiting scholarships. “Our goal is to keep those students in Houston and recruit the best and brightest student talent to the Bauer College,” Ramchand said.

By Jessica Navarro

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