New Tool Gives Bauer Students Edge in Job Negotiations

Published on May 14, 2014

UHIRE Platform Offers Real-Time Employment Info for Bauer Students

Bauer Students

Through the Rockwell Career Center at the C. T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston, students will be able to get real-time data using the University of Houston Internships, Recruitment, Employment (UHIRE) Platform.

The C. T. Bauer College of Business recently launched a new tool through its Rockwell Career Center that will give students a competitive advantage when they are searching for employment.

The University of Houston Internships, Recruitment, Employment (UHIRE) Platform leverages past information from Bauer alumni and classmates to give students complete access to the largest database of its type. Student data is collected and consolidated to give students averages and trends, while keeping individual salary data private.

“Companies will generally offer new workers a fair salary, but almost always that is within a range,” said Troy Hopkins, who serves as the college’s director of career counseling. “Students with real-time data that is applicable to their unique situation have an upper-hand when it comes to negotiating towards the higher end of that range. If a student makes a counter offer, it is critical that they have the data to back up their counteroffer, and UHIRE provides that data.”

In the past, students have had access to other online listings of salary ranges in their respective industries, but UHIRE provides real-time salary information specific to Bauer students.

“Salary data is available in other places, but it is difficult to know how accurate it is or if the information is relevant to a student that is graduating,” Hopkins said. “For example, if a student from Bauer’s full-time MBA program is looking at internship salary data on an outside website, they don’t know if that data includes students from undergraduate programs as well, which might lower their expectations.”

“UHIRE takes only salary information from Bauer students and displays it in an aggregate form so that our students can use this to make informed decisions about the industries and jobs they would like to pursue and have relevant information with which to negotiate their salary with an employer,” he added.

Hopkins encourages students to register with UHIRE early on in their academic careers, even if graduation is several semesters away, as a tool to help guide which business major they may want to pursue.

“Students are able to see data on past internships and full-time positions, and the sites are broken down for each Bauer program. Students may know that they want to get a job in supply chain management, accounting, finance or some other area, but they may not know which industry offers the top salaries or what the job titles are. With UHIRE, that information is available.”

For more information or to register with the free tool, current Bauer students can visit

By Amanda Sebesta

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