Two Bauer Management Profs In Top 2 Percent Most Cited

Published on June 1, 2017

Professor Leanne Atwater and Professor Alan Witt Named in Industrial-Organizational Psychology Study of Most Cited In Textbooks

Leanne Atwater and Alan Witt

Two management professors from the C. T. Bauer College of Business professors are among an elite group of most-cited authors in popular industrial-organizational psychology textbooks, according to a study published earlier this year in Industrial and Organizational Psychology (IOP).

Leanne Atwater and Alan Witt are in the top 2 percent of those cited in introductory textbooks aimed at industrial and organizational psychology students taking their first in-depth classes (according to Aguinas et al. in press).   The Bauer College faculty emerged as top contributors from a field of more than 8,600 experts cited.

Atwater is a professor of management and the former chair of the Bauer College Department of Management. She is also a former editor of The Leadership Quarterly and the author of numerous refereed papers and books on leadership.

Witt is a professor of psychology at the University of Houston with a joint appointment in Bauer College.  Witt’s areas of research include organizational politics, customer service, personality, counterproductive work behavior and diversity/equal opportunity.

SOURCE: Aguinis, H., Ramani, R. S., Campbell, P. K., Bernal-Turnes, P., Drewry, J. M., & Edgerton, B. T. (in press). Most frequently cited sources, articles, and authors in industrial-organizational psychology textbooks. Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice.

By Julie Bonnin