Bloomberg BusinessWeek Ranks Bauer Professional MBA 15th Nationally Among Publics

Published on October 20, 2015

Program Jumps 14 Spots in Rankings to No. 38 Overall, No. 15 Among Publics


The Professional MBA program at the C. T. Bauer College of Business is No. 15 nationally among publics, according to Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s Best Business Schools 2015.

The list, announced today, includes Bauer’s program as No. 38 overall and No. 15 among publics in the ranking of Part-Time MBA programs in the United States. The overall ranking jumped 14 spots since the previous list released in 2013.

“Bauer College students, programs and faculty continue to embody the power and excellence of the University of Houston and the City of Houston,” Graduate and Professional Programs Assistant Dean Steve Koch said. “And the community, our peers, our students and our alumni have recognized that.”

Bloomberg Businessweek bases its rankings on a two-part survey of students and alumni, who provide feedback on their experience, job satisfaction, employment and compensation. Part-time MBA programs, Bloomberg says, require flexibility and should provide a graduate with a degree that allows for career advancement.

Bauer’s Professional MBA program is designed to give students a foundation in each of the functional areas of business before allowing them to choose electives for areas of specialization. The flexible program enrolls in both the spring and the fall, with students completing their degrees on average in 22 months.

“We continue to focus on adding value to the student experience while ensuring that the Bauer MBA is more valuable in the marketplace than ever,” Koch added. “We will continue to innovate and lead through example for this part of the country.”

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By Jessica Navarro and Amanda Sebesta

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