Bauer MBA Society Hosts Global Event

Published on March 17, 2009

National Association of Women MBAs and Bauer MBA Society Host Celebration of the Diversity of UH Bauer MBA Program

Arlene Truong, chair of fundraising for NAWMBA, demonstrates Chinese calligraphy at the Bauer MBA Global Experience event.

Arlene Truong, chair of fundraising for NAWMBA, demonstrates Chinese calligraphy at the Bauer MBA Global Experience event.

Two student organizations at UH Bauer College of Business showcased the diversity of the students, faculty and staff in the Bauer MBA program at the Bauer MBA Global Experience: A Passport to International Business and Culture on March 6 at the UH Hilton Hotel.

The National Association of Women MBAs and the Bauer MBA Society brought members of the University community together to experience an evening of international culture, entertainment and food.

“It was a great event, considering the fact that this was the first time something like this was done in Bauer,” Bauer MBA Society President Naisargi Atre said. “We had faculty, students, alumni and people from other organizations at the event.”

Each table at the event represented different regions and focused on world economies and business culture. Regions present included South Asia (India, Pakistan, etc.), East Asia, Central Asia, Caucasus region, Turkey, Europe, North America (U.S. and Canada), Latin America (Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil, etc.) and Africa.

“The individual tables gave participants an insider’s view of different cultures,” NAWMBA President Philana Kiely said. “Students and faculty worked to put the table content together, and it was great to see that kind of collaboration. There was food, performances and a lot of laughter. I felt there was a true sense of a close international community.”

Participants donned garments typical of the region they represented and provided popular foods as well. Attendees could participate in activities, such as getting henna tattoos from Pakistan or practicing their calligraphy in China.

“The ideas the students and faculty came up with to illustrate aspects of their cultures were amazing,” Kiely said. “The tables were so vibrant and full of life. We are very lucky to have a diverse MBA student body.”

The organizations wanted to initiate an interactive global experience between UH MBA students and the Houston business community and hope to make the event an annual element for Bauer College and to increase alumni participation, Atre said.

“It was a great learning experience and networking opportunity for everyone who attended with bonuses of delicious ethnic foods and amazing entertainment,” she added.

By Hannah Eastham

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  1. prerana nallapati

    It is through efforts like this that globalization, with its opportunities, comes to light in to our day to day life.
    congratulations for the successful event.

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