UH Grad School Honors Bauer Accounting Advisor

Published on October 24, 2017

Accounting Advisor Erica Casillas Wins Award for Dedication to Students, Staff

Erica Casillas, Accounting Advising and Recruitment Director, was recognized by the University of Houston Graduate School as Advisor of the Month for July-August.

The University of Houston Graduate School recently recognized a Bauer College staff member among the best on campus.

Erica Casillas, who serves as the college’s accounting advising and recruitment director, was named Graduate Advisor of the Month for July-August.

Casillas, who has worked at Bauer since 2010, was recognized for her dedication to students, faculty and staff on campus. Since late 2015, the UH Graduate School has given a monthly recognition to an outstanding advisor.

“Being selected as the Graduate Advisor of the Month is a tremendous honor. I’ve been lucky enough to receive recognition from the college and department level but this is the first time at the university level,” Casillas said.

Casillas, who adds that she became an advisor because she enjoys helping students “find their path and achieve their goal,” was chosen based on her dedication to students and management style for her team, according to the UH Graduate School.

“The Graduate School is very proud to honor Erica Casillas for her work as Graduate Program Director in the Department of Accountancy and Taxation,” said Chris Foster, Graduate School Assistant Director of Programs and Student Records. “Erica is a well-rounded, experienced graduate advisor who is a wonderful manager for her admissions and advising staff, and she has always been strong advocate for graduate student success from application to graduation.”

MS Accountancy students echo Foster’s words.

“Erica has helped me tremendously during my time as a MS ACCY student,” said first-year MS Accountancy candidate Donald Lam said. “Although I attended Bauer as an undergraduate, the MSACCY program is a completely different beast of its own! I was struggling to select courses for the Fall 2017 semester, and I remember emailing Erica late at night, and even on the weekends.”

He added: “Erica is an awesome person to be around because she is always extremely positive and has a contagious bubbly personality. She wants students to be successful and is amazing at planning schedules and working with students.”

By Amanda Sebesta