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Future of Energy Industry Raises Voter Questions For Upcoming Gubernatorial Election

Published on October 29, 2014

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Future Of Energy Industry Raises Voter Questions For Upcoming Gubernatorial Election

As Texas continues to experience a drilling boom that brought supercharged revenue into the state, but also strained services and heightened environmental concerns, the Nov. 4 Gubernatorial election between candidates Greg Abbott and Wendy Davis will prove to be a showdown of clashing energy platforms.

According to Christopher Ross, an executive professor of finance at Bauer College, who has 48 years of experience as a global energy consultant, the newly elected Texas governor will need to address policies regarding the regulation of fracking and fugitive methane releases, greenhouse gas controls, closure of coal fired power plants and the reliability of electricity supplies as well as petrochemical plant expansion emissions and determining how much expensive and intermittent renewable energy the state can afford.

Ross is available to discuss the issues voters should be asking about the Texas energy industry’s future before heading to the polls.

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