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Is Costly Campaign Enough To Bring Houston Voters Out For Election Day?

Published on November 3, 2014

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Is Costly Campaign Enough To Bring Houston Voters Out For Election Day?

Early in-person voting numbers for tomorrow’s state election proved to be at an all-time low for Harris County, down 33 percent less than the 2010 election. Harris County is a large factor in the potential to overturn a longstanding Republican run at the Capitol, and both parties have been pushing voters to head to the polls through extensive and expensive marketing campaigns.

From July 1 to Oct. 17, more than 44,000 political ad spots for the Texas campaign were purchased in the largest media markets and filed with the FCC. During this time, Wendy Davis spent $6.8 million and Greg Abbott spent more than $12.8 million. With $35.6 million to use in the final weeks of the race, Abbott is clearly leading the dollars race, but many wonder if the ads will lead voters to the polls.

C. T. Bauer College of Business Marketing Professor Melanie Rudd  is available to discuss political marketing campaigns and how they affect voter turnout.

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