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Week of August 2, 2010

Published on August 2, 2010


Many recent or soon-to-be college grads may fear a harsh job markets, but those with bachelor of business administration degrees have the edge, according to Jamie Belinne, assistant dean for career services at UH Bauer and director of the Rockwell Career Center. Students with business degrees on average earn $45,200 a year to start and make around $73,000 at mid-point (Payscale’s 2010-2011 college salary report). Students who major in accounting can look forward to a stable career, while those who concentrate in management information systems and supply chain management are part of a growing, leading industry, Belinne says.

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As this year’s hurricane season progresses and storms form in the gulf, UH Bauer experts are prepared to provide information to media sources on a broad range of topics, including what businesses can do to prepare (James Evans, director of the UH Small Business Development Center’s Hurricane Business Recovery Center), how property owners can rebound from a storm (Dan Jones, an executive professor of insurance and risk management at UH Bauer), and more.

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