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Week of Feb. 15, 2010

Published on February 15, 2010


…If you have the skills. Nearly 100 recruiters are coming to the University of Houston Bauer College of Business on Tuesday afternoon, looking to hire students. Job listings with the college’s Rockwell Career Center are up strongly this year. Accounting is by far the strongest area of interest, and marketing and finance majors are also in demand.

  • Recruiters will be at Tuesday’s career fair to talk about what types of positions they’re looking to fill, and job seekers will be on hand to discuss their experiences in the marketplace.
  • Rockwell Career Center director and assistant dean for career services Jamie Belinne and Brett Hobby, the career center’s director of employer services and recruitment, can talk about the market and what jobs are hot.
  • Michael Newman, director of accounting programs at UH Bauer, can discuss the demand for accountants
WHO: Jamie Belinne, Rockwell Career Center Director and Assistant Dean for Career Services; 100+ corporate recruiters; business students
WHAT: Spring 2010 Business Career Fair
WHEN: Tuesday, 2/16/2010; 1:30-6 p.m.
WHERE: Houston Room, University Center (University of Houston campus)

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After a week of winter weather around the nation, with a raging blizzard covering much of the mid-Atlantic in snow, many companies were forced to shut down warehouses and sideline shipments of raw materials and finished products across state lines. Now that the snow has begun to melt, clinical assistant professor in the UH Bauer Department of Decision & Information Sciences Victor Wayhan says businesses impacted by the storm will need to integrate key business processes to recover from operational bottlenecks as quickly and efficiently as possible. Wayhan, who teaches courses in service and manufacturing operations and distribution and inventory management, specializes in supply chain management, the system of transferring goods from raw material and component parts acquisition through production of the products for ultimate delivery to the end-customer.

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Two Bauer College faculty members are playing a personal role helping to nurture the next generation of bio-fuels. Executive finance professor Stephen Arbogast and lecturer Donald Bellman have helped bring together researchers and refiners, showing developers what they need to do to take an idea from the lab to the marketing, and getting refiners involved in the process.

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Credit card legislation passed last year is supposed to make it easier for consumers to repay debt — or in some cases avoid it all together. On Feb.22, when the provisions of the Credit CARD Act of 2009 go into effect, Bauer College lecturer and UH Small Business Development Center consultant John Lopez, who teaches seminars on personal financial planning, says shoppers should know what to expect before they pull out the plastic.

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