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Week of July 19, 2010

Published on July 19, 2010


Retailers, restaurants and manufacturers who are “going green” are doing more than saving the environment — they’re capitalizing on a trend that consumers support and ultimately improving the bottom line, according to UH Bauer marketing professor Betsy Gelb, who recently published a study in Marketing Management on the subject. Global brands like McDonalds and Wal-Mart are piloting pro-green efforts, she says, incorporating sustainable materials into building construction and utilities, and using marketing to publicize their efforts. The result? A “win-win-win” for the businesses, customers and stakeholders, Gelb says.

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With Pres. Obama signing into law a vast revamping of the nation’s financial system this week, regulators are now studying dozens of issues in the 2,300+ pages of legislation before drafting new rules. Among these are many changes to trading derivatives (stock options and com futures). Finance professor Craig Pirrong, a derivatives expert, is available to discuss the regulation, called by some the most controversial section of the bill.

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As this year’s hurricane season progresses and storms form in the gulf, UH Bauer experts are prepared to provide information to media sources on a broad range of topics, including what businesses can do to prepare (James Evans, director of the UH Small Business Development Center’s Hurricane Business Recovery Center), how property owners can rebound from a storm (Dan Jones, an executive professor of insurance and risk management at UH Bauer), and more.

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