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Week of May 3, 2010

Published on May 3, 2010


Continental and United airlines announced today that an agreement was reached on Sunday to merge the two companies, with Continental taking United’s name and headquarters, moving from Houston to Chicago. What does this merger mean to consumers? How will other, smaller airlines adjust their marketing strategies to fight this giant? Will Houston remain a transportation hub? Several professors from UH Bauer College are available to comment on these questions and others, from either a finance perspective or a marketing angle.

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Student leaders from UH Bauer College will join forces with PricewaterhouseCoopers employees on Friday to make the future brighter for local children by renovating the Barrio Center, an afterschool program for underprivileged youth in the Houston area. The project is being funded through PwC’s “Project Make [it] count,” a national corporate responsibility competition that encouraged college students to make a positive change for the world around them – six student organizations at UH Bauer took on the challenge with a proposal to enhance the Barrio Center and was one of 20 winning teams across the United States to win funding to execute their vision.

The students’ plan includes a complete overhaul of the building – a fresh coat of paint, new doors and flooring, and upgraded, energy-efficient appliances – along with additional mentoring partnerships between their organizations and the children who attend the Barrio Center. PwC and Bauer’s involvement with the Barrio Center demonstrate how corporations and college students are taking a community minded approach and making a difference.

  • WHO: UH Bauer students; PricewaterhouseCoopers employees
  • WHAT: Renovating the Barrio Center through PwC’s “Project Make [it] count”
  • WHEN: Friday, 5/7/2010
  • WHERE: The Barrio Center (5115 Harrisburg; Houston, TX)

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