Bauer, Invesco Focus on Financial Independence for Women

Published on October 29, 2012

Invesco Partners with Bauer to Provide
Women with Practical Advice on Money Matters

Janice Cellier and Latha Ramchand

A large group of women attended the Invesco Financial Boot Camp for Women on Oct. 20 to gain the tools for financial independence. Invesco Divisional Sales Director Janice Cellier, left, and Bauer Dean Latha Ramchand, right, emphasized the importance of being financially independent.

Across nearly all segments of the population, lack of financial literacy is a critical challenge to the success of the nation’s economy. For women, in particular, the need for knowledge and opportunity to understand personal finances and financial management for family members is essential.

Partnering with Invesco, the C. T. Bauer College of Business sought to tackle the issue with the second annual Invesco Financial Boot Camp for Women, a one-day event to promote financial literacy for women in Houston on Oct. 20. Sponsored by Invesco and hosted by Bauer College at the University of Houston, participants got the opportunity to learn information on investing, budgeting, planning for retirement and college planning. All proceeds of the event will benefit Bauer student scholarships.

“We see ourselves as Houston’s business school, and anything we need to do — anything we can do — to sustain that role and be here when the business community needs us, we absolutely need to be doing that,” said Dean Latha Ramchand.

“The Financial Boot Camp falls exactly in that space,” she added. “We have the expertise at the college to deliver financial knowledge, and when we partner with an organization like Invesco, you have the best of both worlds. I see this as a win-win, not just for the college and Invesco, but for the business community in Houston.”

For Invesco, events like the Financial Boot Camp are the opportunity to serve the community and spread financial literacy. Partnering with Bauer College to deliver programming, said Invesco Divisional Sales Director Janice Cellier, is a natural fit.

“At Invesco, we have so much respect for the University of Houston and the Bauer College of Business,” she added. “There’s a tie that if we want to do anything to help the Houston community, we want to do it in conjunction with Bauer.”

By Amanda Sebesta

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