Bauer Sales Students Recognized at National Collegiate Sales Competition

Published on April 2, 2014

Team from Bauer’s Program for Excellence in Selling Makes Top Ten,
Receives Three Trophies for Decade of Accomplishments

Program for Excellence in Selling students Saskya Gagneux, second from right, and Andrew Bearden, far right, placed in the top 10 spots during the National Collegiate Sales Competition. Also pictured (from left) TJ Brown and Andrew Diano.

Program for Excellence in Selling students (from left) TJ Brown, Andrew Diano, Saskya Gagneux and Andrew Bearden placed in the top 10 spots during the National Collegiate Sales Competition.

A team of four students from the Program for Excellence in Selling at the C. T. Bauer College of Business placed in the top 10 out of 67 colleges around the nation on March 31 at the National Collegiate Sales Competition held at Kennesaw State University.

Bauer students Andrew Bearden and Saskya Gagneux together claimed a top ten spot for the college with team alternates Andrew Diano and TJ Brown. Bearden ultimately advanced to the semifinals, while Gagneux competed in the quarterfinals.

The competition boasted 134 student participants, with Bauer as one of three colleges with two competitors who placed first in the initial round of presentations.

“Overall, we are extremely proud of what we have accomplished as a team,” Gagneux said. “This is a very challenging competition, and to be named in the top 10 is truly a benchmark for success.”

The competition required the students to prepare a 20-minute sales presentation for a mock meeting with a buyer as they were recorded and graded by a judging panel. The criteria included the students’ ability to quickly identify the buyer’s needs and how well they were able to develop an overall relationship with the buyer.

The team was coached by Bauer Marketing Clinical Assistant Professor Amy Vandaveer, who credited the accomplishments as a “true team effort.”

The Program for Excellence in Selling was also awarded three trophies that celebrated their first place wins in 2004, 2011 and 2012, as Bauer is the only college to have accomplished this in the history of the NCSC.

“None of this could be possible without the help of our professors, staff and former NCSC team members at Bauer that supported and helped us train to become the absolute best,” Bearden said. “So many doors have been opened to some major opportunities that I would not have had without the training I have received.”

By Danielle Ponder