Bauer Students Selected to Intern With Multinational Companies In China

Published on July 9, 2014

Finance Majors Spend Summer in Beijing for Financial Consulting Internships

Adil Rajabali

C. T. Bauer College of Business finance majors Adil Rajabali (pictured above) and Ajinkya Patwardhan (not pictured) are spending five weeks in New Huadu Business School’s (NBS) Summer Consulting Internship Program in Beijing.

Two C. T. Bauer College of Business students will go global this summer as they gain hands-on business experience with multinational companies in China.

Senior Adil Rajabali and sophomore Ajinkya Patwardhan, both finance majors at the University of Houston’s Bauer College, are spending five weeks in New Huadu Business School’s (NBS) Summer Consulting Internship Program in Beijing alongside undergraduate and graduate students from across the globe.

As interns, they will be charged with solving real business issues facing Chinese enterprises and providing intellectual support to elevate the organizations’ global competitiveness.

“The first week we will attend the business school and learn about China’s consulting firms,” Rajabali said. “For the remainder of our time, top consulting firms will recruit us to work with their companies and expose us to the Chinese economy.”

The Bauer students will receive intensive practical training in Chinese business etiquette and language to increase intercultural communication skills when working with company leaders. They will also be responsible for reviewing case studies on Chinese management characteristics and the internationalization of Chinese enterprises.

Initially, Rajabali thought the month-long trip would be too costly for him to participate, but he applied and earned a full-ride scholarship that covered his room and board with additional spending money.

“I have never been away from my family for this long,” Rajabali said. “I traveled to Chicago, Orlando and Paris within this last year for other educational opportunities, but they were only a week long each. I’m excited to experience the Chinese business culture and learn how a large foreign company manages itself worldwide even with the adversity its country faces.”

Rajabali himself is no stranger to challenge — he felt drawn to pursue business in college, but his parents wanted him to build his career in the medical field.

“I knew in order to prove my career choice to my parents and myself, I’d have to work hard,” he said. “I know I need to work harder than the guy at Harvard. That’s what makes me a successful Bauer student.”

In addition to excelling in the classroom, Rajabali is serving as vice president of Bauer College’s Finance Association and was recently awarded the Excellence of Leadership award, given to an individual who has shown tremendous leadership in their organization.

While he may be nervous about being on the other side of the globe from his family, he said he feels more than prepared for the internship.

“When I first became a Bauer student, I was a lost kid trying to find my way around, make friends and become a leader. Bauer gives you endless platforms of opportunity that can be yours as long as you work toward it,” Rajabali said. “I wasn’t shooting for the stars or even for China, but Bauer has helped me dream big.”

Rajabali will be joined in China by classmate Patwardhan, who has previously visited the country with his father on a family trip, which he says allowed him to appreciate Chinese culture. When he saw an opportunity to intern and see things from a professional perspective, he applied even though he was unsure he would be selected.

“The application process was intense, and I was up against juniors, seniors and graduate students. Getting accepted was a total surprise,” Patwardhan said. “I just went for it because investment banking is so competitive. I needed to break into the industry now by getting hands-on experience, or I may already be behind the game.”

Patwardhan said he is confident that his Bauer background has laid the foundation for him to succeed overseas.

“I’m looking forward to working on a consulting project where I’m attempting to fix a real problem,” he said. “Getting my education at Bauer has opened a lot of doors for me. Now I have to go out there and work hard to be successful.”

By Danielle Ponder

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  1. John C Lopez

    Congratulations to Adil. I know he will represent not only himself but the Bauer College of Business very well. He is a great student and a great ambassador for our college.

  2. Tina ZHAO

    Hello Adil, I read this by chance but you are always in my heart.You have been playing the role of the leader and did a reall good job during the NBS consulting internship program. You always have my best wishes for success. Tina from NBS (

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