Business and Politics: Perfect Match for Bauer Junior

Published on October 22, 2012

Student Government Association President Cedric Bandoh
Uses Business Acumen to Improve Student Experience On Campus

Cedric Bandoh

As the youngest Student Government Association President, Cedric Bandoh uses what he’s learned at the Bauer College to lead his team to reach their goals.

With an enrollment of more than 40,000, it is important that the University of Houston student body have a voice to advocate for their interests to university administrators, the UH System Board of Regents and the Texas Legislature.

This year, a student from the C. T. Bauer College of Business has that voice. Supply chain management junior Cedric Bandoh is serving as president of the Student Government Association (SGA), after being elected by his peers in April, when he was just 19. He is the youngest president in the history of the SGA, which has been in operation since 1964.

“I got involved in student government because I want to help make the University of Houston a better campus for future generations,” Bandoh said. “Our campus faces a lot of challenges and opportunities, and I want us to succeed at them. My love for this university is what motivates me every day to go above and beyond to perform on behalf of the student body.”

As president, Bandoh is charged with leading the organization that interacts with students, faculty, staff and administrators to discuss campus issues for students and write legislation to enhance the quality of the student experience. The SGA structure is modeled after the U.S. government, with executive, legislative and judicial branches.

Being a business student lends itself to being a political leader, Bandoh said. He credits what he is learning in his Bauer College classes with giving him the knowledge to lead student government at the university.

“Many of our Bauer courses challenge us to think analytically, skills that are critical in my role as student body president,” Bandoh added. “We deal with many complex issues in SGA, and the strong business acumen I have learned at Bauer definitely comes in handy.”

Less than six months into his first term, Bandoh and his team have already made significant strides not only to improve the student experience on campus but also to enhance the SGA as an organization.

“The most important goal is to change the culture of SGA to a more ‘service above self’ mentality as we advocate on behalf of students,” Bandoh said. “Over the summer we successfully reformed our system of governance and continue the work to reform our election system.”

The group has other projects at hand, including a partnership with the City of Houston to repair Cullen Boulevard. As he looks to the rest of his term and beyond that, to his future political aspirations, Bandoh says that his experience in both law and business will no doubt be an asset.

“Business and politics do go hand-in-hand, because both areas are very much based on making big decisions that can affect communities, industries, and societies. Often times the decisions of policymakers can affect the business world and vice versa.”

By Amanda Sebesta

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