UH Bauer Hosts Summer Business Camp for High Schoolers

Published on June 26, 2009

High Schoolers Learn Importance of Higher Ed in Career Preparation

Teams of high school students practiced their presentation skills on the final day of the camp.

Teams of high school students practiced their presentation skills on the final day of the camp.

For the second year, UH Bauer College of Business hosted the Youth About Business Summer Business Camp, an opportunity for local high school students to learn about the importance of leadership skills, teamwork and a college education.

Over the course of five days, students participated in activities designed by the Youth About Business team to help them develop skills needed to succeed in higher education and eventually, a business career.

“Our program exposes students to business in a fun, competitive environment and adds relevance to their education by helping them understand why academic preparation is important,” said Nasiya Acklen, Southwest Market Director for Youth About Business.

The purpose of the program is for high school students to gain a contextual understanding of business by participating in merger and acquisition transactions, she added. The students are placed in groups, assigned companies to work with on a merger and acquisition case, and are advised by corporate executives throughout the process.

“The first day of the camp, you see students with eager minds not knowing what to expect, dealing with high level business concepts,” Acklen said. “By day four, after interactive sessions with local executives, the level of understanding and passion speaks volumes to the growth in knowledge.”

The camp originally began as a preparation tool to take students to Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange. The training model is appealing and beneficial for high school students, Acklen said, as it drives business concepts outside of the classroom in an untraditional format that challenges them and keeps them interested.

“The (Summer Business Camp) affords students the opportunity to get a glance into the every day interworking of the business arena as well as interact with senior level executives which they otherwise may not have received the opportunity,” Acklen said.

UH Bauer College has a history of welcoming high school students and facilitating their discovery of the real world of business. This program and others like it allow high school students to gain an understanding of the benefits of a business education and to see what Bauer has to offer, professor and director of Bauer’s Institute for Diversity and Cross-Cultural Management George Gamble said.

“I think it’s an excellent program because it allows inner city kids to come on campus and creates that excitement to go to college,” he added.

The camp was organized by Youth About Business with support and facilities provided by UH Bauer. For more information on Youth About Business and their summer camp programs, visit their website, www.youthaboutbusiness.org.

For more information on outreach programs and activities provided by UH Bauer, visit our Prospective Student site designed for counselors and educators.

By Hannah Eastham

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